Some examples of projects we have undertaken over the last few years include:

Huddersfield Magistrates Court

New entrance doors and screens provided to the existing building for HMCS.

Union Bridge Mill Pudsey

Installation of main flat entrance doors and stairs above (including new office ‘tower’). 

Thornton Recreation Centre

Two storey curtain wall framing including auto swing doors for BMDC.

Yo Yo Bar

On this project we installed armour plate doors, and single glaze stand sheets with laminated glass.

Lancaster University

The brise soleil frames on this project were manufatctured from a profile that was specifically designed for this contract to meet the architect’s specification.

Belle Vue Girls & Bradford Girls Grammar School’s Bradford

New glazed entrances and doors were designed and installed. Works also included the replacement of old metal single glazed windows with new aluminium frames complete with double glazed units (at Belle Vue)

Left hand picture shows new frame next to old at Belle Vue, centre and right pictures shows Bradford Girls Grammar (direct works and via BMDC).

Selby College

Installation of  architectural framing styles to new campus buildings, including curtain walling, single and double glazed shop fronts, ribbon windows, louver/grills, brise soleil. In additon, autoslide and swing doors were fitted where required

Crown House

A total refurbishment of the outside of building was undertaken. Old windows were replaced and curtain walling installed, along with Alucabond panels to the outside of the building, vastly improving the thermal values and bringing the design and look of the building into the 21st century.

This is a five storied building employing over 500 people, 95% of work was done in normal working hours with minimal disturbance to HMRC.

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